Magical Twist Snack Box


 Just twist and bloom and have your guests munch their favourite snacks.


Whether you want a perfect snack buffet or just want and eye-catching center piece for your party table, this TWIST and BLOOM SNACK BOX is perfect for you!

Twist and Bloom Snack Box is an EXPANDABLE STORAGE that you can put ALL your FAVORITE MUNCHIES in one container. It can be DESSERT, FRUITS, CANDIES, POPCORNS whatever you like you can all have the variety of it with this DIVIDED ROTATING box. It just not serves as a container but as a DÉCOR as well as it has this CUTE FLOWER DESIGN that definitely catches the eyes of your guests. 

Twist and Bloom Snack Box is PERFECT for ENTERTAINING and GATHERING with FRIENDS and FAMILY. This snack box has a 5-10 EXPANDABLE COMPARTMENTS that are PERFECT for TABLE SNACKS such as seeds, nuts, candies, chips, dry fruits and whatever you want to serve to your guests.

Twist and Bloom Snack Box is EASY to CLEAN. And it can’t only be used for SNACKS as you can also USE it as JEWELRY BOX, SEWING BOX, SCHOOL STUFF, or any bits and bobs organizer. This box will surely be a handy to you and your home.

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