Diffuser®300 ml Ultrasonic Air Humidifier & Oil Diffuser


Say Goodbye to GERMS with Ultrasonic Air Humidifier & Oil Diffuser!

Diffuser®Ultrasonic Air Humidifier & Oil Diffuser is the perfect solution to avoid bringing germs to your environment and will help you to keep it always clean and safe.

How to use

LIGHT Button
press first:turn on the LED light, color changes automatically
Press second: choose one of LED light color you like
Press third: select dim or bringht color
MIST Button
Press once: continuous mist coming out
Press second time: 1 hour timer
Press third time: 3 hour timer
Press four times: 6 hour timer

Size:145 * 110 MM
Be sure to use a mild detergent if you want to clean the humidifier Don't fill water over the Max line at any time. Don't switch on power when the tank is empty. Clean regularly as per Maintenance instruction to avoid malfunction.



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